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1. The Dean of the Business school has a dashboard that display the application yield by program, geographic distribution of applicants, and recruitment pipeline. The Dean wants the same reports for program directors. Sharing settings have been configured so program directors can only see recruitment and application information for their own program.

How can the consultant meet the business requirement?

2. The Law school's dean, recruitment director, and end users want to implement Salesforce so they can have a central, shared reporting system of engagement for recruitment and admission processes and raise enrollment by 10%. The Law school plans to grow and expand its use of Salesforce to other departments in the future; however, the IT department can only support system integration.

What should the consultant discuss first with the school?

3. The Advancements Office wants Salesforce to automatically create a supporters' score based on their donation amount, giving capacity, giving history, and relationship type to the university.

Which Salesforce solution should the consultant recommend?

4. The Recruitment and Admissions office has an existing Salesforce environment they wants to expand to include all of the school's operations and service. The school has asked the consultant for recommendations to ensure the expansion is efficient, ..........., and will meet the need of new existing user.

Which should the consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

5. Career Services wants to import internship information from a spreadsheet into Salesforce. Student contact and educational information is populated from the Student Information System (SIS) to Salesforce. The spreadsheet has a list of interns, their student ID numbers, their email addresses, company phone numbers, company names, and start and end dates.

Which external ID should the consultant recommend to match spreadsheet information with the Salesforce Contact record?

6. A university's IT department uses a version control-based process for its system development and enhancement. The department wants to test the new features the consultant has configured in a dedicated, short term Salesforce environment.

What should the consultant use to meet the requirement?

7. The director of advising wants to better understand why students are meeting with their advisors.

Which Advisor Link Feature should the consultant include in a report?

8. A large university is planning to release a new recruitment and admissions solution using Salesforce. The university is .............. a launch window in conjunction with the campus calendar.

Where should the university confirm the Salesforce product release dates that could impact the timeline?

9. A university needs an email marketing tool that all program staff can use for mass communications. Program staff need to send emails that list missing application items to students. The items are stored on a custom object in Salesforce. It is important that program staff only have access to their own department's marketing materials, leads, prospects, and templates.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?

10. A CRM committee for a university has asked a consultant about the major release cadence of and platform enhancements.

When are releases?


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