Salesforce CRT-403 Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder Online Training

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1. UVC uses a custom object to track open job positions. They would like to automatically post updates on a record's feed whenever a position stage is changed .

Which social feature can be used to accomplish this?

2. A business user wants a quick way to edit a record's status and enter a custom due date field from the record's feed in Salesforce1 Mobile App .

What could be used to accomplish this?

3. What should be done to provide managers access to records of which they are not the owner in a private sharing model?

4. Manage at Universal Containers want a quick to create additional accounts to form a hierarchy from a parent account record. They want to auto-populate five fields based on the parent to make it easier for users to create the child accounts quickly.

5. At Universal Containers, the VP of Service has requested a visual indicator flag on each case, based on the case priority. High-priority cases should be flagged red, medium-priority should be flagged yellow, and low-priority cases should be flagged green .

Which formula would accomplish this requirement? Choose 2 answers

6. Universal Container needs to add an additional recipient to a workflow email alert that is fired from the case object .

What type of field could be added to the case object to allow the additional desired recipient on the email alert? Choose 2 Answers

7. The customer service team at Universal containers uses a custom Project object to track their customer projects. An App builder needs to create a relationship between the project object and the related client Account record. A private sharing model is in place for both Accounts and projects .

Which statement is true when creating an Account lookup field on the Project object? Choose 2 answers

8. Universal Containers created a custom object called Component to capture details about products sold.

What approach should an app builder take to show Component as a related list on Product?

9. What option is available to an App Builder when defining an object-specific Create Record custom action? Choose 2 answers

10. What is a section of the Lightning App Builder Tool? Choose 3 Answers


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