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1. Universal Containers needs employees who already have access to Salesforce to get access to a Customer Community they have just launched. The employee Salesforce profiles have been added to the Community.

What should the Salesforce Admin do to give employees access to the Customer Community?

2. Universal Containers needs their channel partners to collaborate on Opportunities within their new partner Community based on the Customer Service Template .

What is the recommended way to accomplish this task?

3. Universal Containers needs to use capabilities in Salesforce Communities to enable Social Sign -on for their customers .

What should the Salesforce Admin do to enable users to use their Social Sign -on?


4. Universal Containers allows Guest users to create cases in the Customer Service Community. The Salesforce Admin is getting feedback that the current case page has unnecessary fields for guest users .

How should the Salesforce Admin address this issue?

5. It's been a long and exciting week of developing your new Customer Community, so exciting in fact you just removed the Administrator profile from the Selected Community Profiles and can no longer access the Community .

What should you do next?

6. What is the first step the Salesforce Admin must complete to set up the partner users?

Universal Containers has a community for their partners. They would like to add a new partner company and grant their users access to the Community.

7. Universal Containers creates a Community for their end users to access invoices. The invoice pages are mobile of responsive and utilize rich text styling for the amount totals in each column. Mobile access to these invoices is important. The API Enabled profile permission has been turned on to allow Salesforce mobile access to external users with Communities licenses .

Which characteristic of this Community will cause display problems when accessed from an Android mobile device?

8. Universal Containers launched their Community built on the Napili template. They would like to update the Community with Live Agent support and additional menu option for Assets .

What is the most efficient way for a Salesforce Admin to roll out the new features?

9. You have recently deployed a Partner Community leveraging the Napili Template however you are getting requests to share all cases within an Account with the CEO of each organization. You are aware of the limitations of the number of roles you can have within a Salesforce Org and want to avoid adding new community roles .

What steps would you take to achieve this requirement?

10. Universal Containers needs to add a page to their Customer Service Template-based Community. Authors will manually add the content to the page .

What should be the first step to add this page to the site?

Select one or more of the following:


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