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Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Online Training - Exam4Training

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Online Training

The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Online Training of Exam4Training can ensure you pass your first time to participate in the Salesforce certification Certified Platform App Builder exam.Exam4Training providing Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Online Training are very close to the content of the formal examination. Through our short-term special training You can quickly grasp IT professional knowledge, and then have a good preparation for your Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam. We promise that we will do our best to help you pass the Platform App Builder Certified Platform App Builder exam.

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1. UVC uses a custom object to track open job positions. They would like to automatically post updates on a record's feed whenever a position stage is changed .

Which social feature can be used to accomplish this?

2. A business user wants a quick way to edit a record's status and enter a custom due date field from the record's feed in Salesforce1 Mobile App .

What could be used to accomplish this?

3. What should be done to provide managers access to records of which they are not the owner in a private sharing model?

4. Manage at Universal Containers want a quick to create additional accounts to form a hierarchy from a parent account record. They want to auto-populate five fields based on the parent to make it easier for users to create the child accounts quickly.

5. At Universal Containers, the VP of Service has requested a visual indicator flag on each case, based on the case priority. High-priority cases should be flagged red, medium-priority should be flagged yellow, and low-priority cases should be flagged green .

Which formula would accomplish this requirement? Choose 2 answers

6. Universal Container needs to add an additional recipient to a workflow email alert that is fired from the case object .

What type of field could be added to the case object to allow the additional desired recipient on the email alert? Choose 2 Answers

7. The customer service team at Universal containers uses a custom Project object to track their customer projects. An App builder needs to create a relationship between the project object and the related client Account record. A private sharing model is in place for both Accounts and projects .

Which statement is true when creating an Account lookup field on the Project object? Choose 2 answers

8. Universal Containers created a custom object called Component to capture details about products sold.

What approach should an app builder take to show Component as a related list on Product?

9. What option is available to an App Builder when defining an object-specific Create Record custom action? Choose 2 answers

10. What is a section of the Lightning App Builder Tool? Choose 3 Answers


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