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1. A developer of a business-critical application is concerned about system reliability when it comes to a IO resistance.

An architect needs to explain the FlashBlade write mechanism and address three main concerns:

- Data location when FlashBlade acknowledge a write

- Number of created data copies before FlashBlade acknowledges a write

- Blade failure resilience

When does write acknowledgement happen?


An oil company moves geological data between their offices in Dubai and Houston for redundancy. The data is accessed via NFS mounts on a cluster of three 10GB connected Linux servers at each location.

A series of cron jobs are leveraged to replicate data from data storage pool A in Dubai to data storage B in Houston and from data storage A in Houston to data storage pool B in Dubai.

Data in storage pool A is read-write, updated by 50 cellular connected data collector running in the field, and deleted after 30 days.

Data in the storage pool B is read-only, queried by the firm’s analytics team, and copied to a cloud-based archive repository every 30 days.

The total amount of data in pool A in Dubai is 1.5PB

The total amount of data in pool B in Houston is 500TB

The data is not expected to grow in the next 12 months and is compressed by the application.

Which configuration should the architect present to meet this customer needs?

3. A retail customer is designing a new application that will train an AI algorithm with metadata from purchase transactions.

The customer has the following constraints:

- Billions of transactions per hour

- Hundreds of thousands of clients

- Easily connect and disconnect from many network locations

- Asymmetric encryption across a WAN

- Resilience to network latency

Which protocol should the architect recommend?

4. A company has an existing database running a critical application. Users are complaining of slow response times. The company asks Pure Storage for help fixing this problem.

Which (three) questions should the architect ask to determine if FlashBlade is a good fit for the use case? (Choose three.)

5. After revising Cloud-First strategy, a customer’s CFO asks an architect to recommend which workloads should be moved to FlashBlade.

Which two workloads will be successful on FlashBlade? (Select two.)

6. A current FlashBlade customer has a chip design process that is not meeting their SLAs. Although the customer is using fast remove, the IOPS on their 7x17TB FlashBlade have plateaued around 700K IOPS.

What should the architect recommend adding?

7. The customer provides the network diagram shown. The customer wants to use RBAC and SMB on the FlashBlade.

The customer does NOT use encryption for identity-related traffic.

Which ports must be opened for this to work?

8. A customer has hundreds of TB of data that they need to archive for 20 years. The customer will need to completely destroy the data. They will only to access the data once or twice during the 20 years. The data is very sensitive. It would be a serious security breach if anyone accessed the data during that time. The customer is considering NAS.

Why should the architect recommend another solution?

9. What is the speed of the connections between individual blades and the midplane?

10. A customer has an application that stores GIS data in an S3 repo. For compliance reasons, the GIS data that existed at a previous point in time may need to be accessed.

What should the architect do?


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