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1. Which two statements are true about the differences between build and run config policies? (Choose two.)

2. Which component(s), if any will Palo Alto Networks host and run when a customer purchases Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition?

3. Which type of compliance check is available for rules under Defend > Compliance > Containers and Images > CI?

4. A customer wants to scan a serverless function as part of a build process.

Which twistcli command can be used to scan serverless functions?


Which order of steps map a policy to a custom compliance standard?

(Drag the steps into the correct order of occurrence, from the first step to the last.)

6. Given an existing ECS Cluster, which option shows the steps required to install the Console in Amazon ECS?

7. Which options show the steps required after upgrade of Console?

8. The compliance team needs to associate Prisma Cloud policies with compliance frameworks .

Which option should the team select to perform this task?

9. The administrator wants to review the Console audit logs from within the Console.

Which page in the Console should the administrator use to review this data, if it can be reviewed at all?

10. The security team wants to target a CMAF policy for specific running Containers How should the administrator scope the policy to target the Containers?


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