Oracle 1Z0-342 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management 9.2 Implementation Essentials Online Training

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1. Which three steps are performed in the Match Tape File To Recon File program (R09510) in order to reconcile the transactions?

2. Which three statements are true regarding the Customer Account Overview mobile application?

3. Your client decided to upload budgets to the system using a spreadsheet and reviewed the upload by using the Upload/Conversion Revisions program and confirmed that the upload was successful. Upon reviewing the F0902 table for budget data, the client does not find any data for the accounts uploaded.

What caused the problem?

4. Your client created a journal entry to add cost for some fixed asset records, but Is having trouble finding the batch in fixed assets in order to post the G/L entry to Fixed Assets.

With no access to the system, which two items should your client verify?

5. Which three rules apply when setting up Invoice Document Type Codes in UDC table 00/DT?

6. Your client is attempting to track taxes for certain voucher pay Items; however, the tax information details for the accounts are not being created.

Which two items will you have your client correct?

7. Which field or fields make up the unique key(s) that link the Receipt Header table (F03B13) to the Receipt Detail (F03BI4) table?

8. Which two steps must be completed In order to use the Debit/Credit Reconciliation feature?

9. Which program must be run to create sales Invoices in the Accounts Receivable system?

10. Although the Automation Rule (ARTL) field is not a required field when populating the F0411z1 table, why does Oracle recommend populating it?

11. What should you do to change the method of allocation for an existing recurring journal entry from amount to percent?

12. Your client defined an organization report structure assigning category codes to business units for online consolidations. They have run the Organization Structure Build program in proof mode and the report displays the business units that are dynamically created as a concatenation of category codes. Your client is concerned because they have the processing options set to dynamically create business units using next numbering.

After troubleshooting the problem, what message will you relay to your client?

13. How should you implement credit checking at the parent level?

14. Which two statements are true regarding the address book audit log feature?

15. Which three statements are accurate when entering the GL Distribution account coding on an invoice with taxes?

16. As part of month-end closure, you run Accounts Payable Integrity reports to validate the accuracy of your data.

Which integrity report compares the Gross Amount and the Open Amount in the Accounts Payable Ledger (F0411) to the Paid Amount in the Accounts Payable Matching Document Detail (F0414)?

17. You are going through the month-end close process. When you are posting, you receive a PACO message.

What condition caused this message?

18. Your client does not want their A/P department to pay duplicate supplier Invoices.

Which action will prevent users from entering duplicate Invoice numbers?

19. Which option shows the correct steps for processing automatic payments?

20. Your client has been receiving error messages when attempting to create cash type rules for forecasting.

What are the two causes for this error?

21. Your client has decided to use journal entries to create budgets in the system. After journaling the budgets, they have found the records in the F0911 table but cannot locate the balance in the F0902 table.

Where are the balance records contained in the F0902?

22. Your client has posted a fixed asset journal entry to the G/L but is getting errors when trying to post the entry to fixed assets.

Which two statements correctly indicate reasons for the entry not getting posted?

23. Your client recently moves their corporate office to a foreign country. The company, as of the New Year, is required to provide fixed asset depreciation in a different currency.

How should you set this up?

24. Which Automatic Accounting Instruction (AAI) hierarchy determines the GL Bank Account when you add a new voucher?

25. From which three tables does the One View Customer Receipt/Draft Inquiry application (P03B720) combine information?

26. Your client has had some data Integrity Issues between the F1202 and F0902 tables. The Issues have been Isolated and were caused by a staff member directly updating the asset balances table. Your client confirmed the F1202 balances are correct and is asking for instruction on correcting the F0902 balances.

Select the option that will resolve your client's problem.

27. Your client wants the system to automatically create journal entries for Intercompany settlements. Knowing that your client will use multicurrency processing, what two intercompany settlement values are available to your client?

28. When you post a payment, the system updates records In the Accounts Payable and General Ledger tables.

Which three statements are correct?

29. Identify three differences between mobile and standard applications.

30. A new accountant at your client processed the Mass Asset Disposal program (R12104) for two assets by selecting only the AA ledger. When reviewing the disposal batch, the accountant discovered that there were duplicate entries created for the asset disposals.

What caused the duplicate entries?

31. Your client used the Mass Asset Disposal program to dispose of several assets belonging to the same company. They used the simple disposal method but the business unit for the net book value account contained in the journal entry was different for almost every asset they disposed.

Which statement explains why this occurred?

32. For which set of fields can you control changes or additions on Payee control?

33. What three statements are true about the Address Book Self Service program?

34. Where should you specify the currency code for delinquency fees?

35. Which three options are available if a component already exists in the target environment, when you import a statement definition?

36. What three AAIs can be set up for revenue recognition?

37. Your client wants to delete several fixed asset records created in error and feel they have taken the necessary steps to remove any existing transactions from the asset records.

Which three options offer reasons for your client to delete the asset records?

38. When you try to reprint a customer's Invoice for finance charges, the Print Invoice (R03B505) PDF displays error message 'No Data Selected".

Which data selection needs to be removed in order for the Print Invoice (R03B505) UBE to reprint this customer's Invoice for finance charges?

39. You notice that some customer Invoices have a 1 In the Revisions Made field.

Which three statements are correct about the Revisions Made field?

40. Which set of tables does the One View Supplier Ledger Inquiry application (P042022) combine information from?

41. When you enter a foreign voucher with VAT tax using the Standard Voucher Entry application, the system triggers error 0960: VAT not allowed with Currency Code.

What setting is required to allow this type of transaction to be entered?

42. What three conditions must exist In order for one to use the Composite Application Framework?

43. Which three fields can be used when setting up the revenue recognition trigger hierarchy for A/R Invoices?

44. After reviewing the Ledger Type Rules Setup, your client has requested that you help them change their AA ledger to allow direct balance updates. This will save them time during month-end close.

Which item will you relay to your client?

45. Your client submitted the Annual Close application to close their fiscal year.

When you close a fiscal year, which AAI Items does the system use?

46. Which three Automatic Offset methods from A/R Constants can be selected?

47. Which set of tables does the One View Supplier Payment Inquiry application (P04720) combine information from?

48. Which four updates happen in the Accounts Receivable tables when you change the gross amount on a posted unpaid invoice?

49. Your client split several assets purchased in a prior year using the Asset Split program. After Inquiring into the account ledger table (F0911), the client couldn't find any entries in the month the assets were split.

Why did this happen?

50. Your client has loaded the F04lizi table to perform the voucher match automation process but wants to change the automation rule for one of several Invoices for the same supplier.

Which two options will help your client solve the problem?

51. Which statement is correct about the Order-to-Cash process?

52. You have been tasked with helping your client configure manual and bank statement processing for a new implementation. Your client has informed you that they want to use a different value than 'R' for the reconciliation code.

Which two items should you address with your client?

53. How can you prevent automatic write-offs from being created during manual receipt entry?

54. Your client wants to set up batch approval and post security for the Accounts Payable system without preventing any users from reviewing batches.

Which three items will help your client complete this task?

55. At what stage should you use the voucher match automation process to match partial receipts?

56. What does Detail Method use to track Intercompany settlements and how does the company associated with the first journal entry line act for the transaction?

57. Your client ran the A/R to Account Balance by Account ID (R03B707) Integrity report, which compares updated amounts in the F0902 table to posted amounts in different transaction tables.

However, the client is unsure about which tables are involved.

Which four tables will you explain to your client are being compared to the F0902 table?

58. Which two statements are true regarding One View Financial Statement Security?

59. Checks are not printing in the sequence the user is expecting.

How can you determine the sequence in which the checks are printed?

60. Your client has been transferring the location of assets using the Work with Locations application (P12215). In random instances, records with a Location Code of 'H' (Historical) are being created without duration Information.

Why are these records being created?

61. Which four steps does the system perform when the Credit Reimbursements program (R03B610) is run in final mode?

62. Your customer wants an account balance-based allocation setup, with the source of selection being at the business unit master.

What are the steps to implement this?

63. Which statement is correct about payment status?

64. From which two tables does the One View Customer Ledger Inquiry application (P03B2022) combine information?

65. Your client posted some Invoice batches with taxes but failed to set up the General Ledger Post Report program (R09801) to update the tax table.

Which two solutions should you provide?

66. What are the required steps to set up column definition?

67. Which two observations are true about the AutoSuggest function?

68. When you try to delete an Invoice, the system displays error 0415: "Delete Invalid for this Voucher/Invoice".

What is the reason for this?

69. Which field should you set up In the Supplier Master to prevent new vouchers from being entered for this vendor?

70. Your customer wants to Implement Advance Variable Numerator Allocations.

What specifications should you set up to accomplish this?

71. When you enter a voucher with tax In the Standard Voucher Entry application (P0411), error 0886: "Tax Area Required" is displayed on the GL distribution.

Which three actions should you take to resolve the error?

72. How can you alert the credit manager when an account is over Its credit limit?

73. To increase efficiency, your client almost exclusively creates Journal entries using Model JEs, Importing JEs, and copying existing JEs. An audit revealed they have several records with zero amounts and units In their Account Ledger (F09ii) table.

Which action will help address your client's issue?

74. Which two elements when used in asset master search program return desired Fixed Assets?

75. When you are entering an invoice with VAT tax, the system displays hard Error 1480: "Tax Amount May Not Be Understated."

Which system setting should you review to prevent the error and allow entry of understated tax amounts?

76. Your client wants to use the fastest method to enter high-volume, simple voucher entries.

What Voucher Entry would you recommend to your client to use?

77. Your client would like to know if they should set up additional customer records or use Line of Business processing.

Why would you want to activate Line of Business processing?

78. The Supplier Analysis report shows Year to Date information that is inaccurate.

Why is this so?

79. Your financial implementation client lead needs assistance on understanding the Detail Method of Intercompany settlements. You explain that the Detail Method uses _______to track Intercompany settlements and the company associated with the first journal entry line acts as the _________ for the transaction.

80. What two ways can a user access the submitted jobs?

81. You are going through the month end dose process. If you run the Account Balance without Account Master Integrity report and have the processing option set to update mode/ what do you update?

82. You were asked to create an allocation of all advertising expenses to all marketing departments based on each individual marketing department's sales revenue. Assuming that the advertising expense object accounts and sales revenue object accounts are within one specified range, how will you most efficiently accomplish this allocation?

83. Your client wants help with the budget process. When you create budget pattern codes for each business year, you can:

84. Your client wants the system to calculate discounts on the gross amount of a voucher plus tax. In which of the following programs can the client set up the system to calculate discounts in this manner?

85. Which of the following is NOT an element of Asset Depreciation?

86. Your client has asked that you run a Standard report with payment information for a given payment cycle.

Which of the following would give you the desired information?

87. The repost program R099102, Is used to re-create balances based upon the F0911 transactions. The batch does which two of the following in update mode?

88. Your client indicated that the standard delivered report does not meet their business requirement. You recommend that they create a new report using the Financial Report Writer.

Which four statements are TRUE regarding the Financial Report Writer?

89. Your client needs to consolidate their financial information from various business sites.

Which statement does NOT represent a difference between a Multi-Site Consolidation and other Organizational Structure?

90. Your client wants you to help them define their business units.

Which statement is TRUE regarding business units?

91. A client uses multiple banks' accounts in their Accounts Payable System. The client wants the correct bank account number to be supplied by the system when they enter vouchers.

What is the best choice to accomplish this function?

92. Which three statements are TRUE about Visual Assists?

93. You ran the application A/R Statistical History Update program (R03B16A).

Which table does the system use to display information on the Account Statistical Summary Form?

94. Which of the following statements is TRUE about processing options?

95. Your client ran the Batch to Detail & Out of Balance" [R007031] integrity report and requires assistance In interpreting the report.

What two processes does the Batch to Detail & Out of Balance integrity perform?

96. Your client needs assistance in setting up allocations for the company.

When you review allocation journal entries, the allocations review displays only batches with the batch type_____; if you make changes to the batch, the system updates the_____; and_____; tables.

97. You are going through the month end close process.

How should you correct missing batch header records?

98. A client needs to print attachments as part of payments. Where do you set the processing option to turn on "print attachments"?

99. Your client wishes to run Calculate Withholdings Report In preparation for the payment process. For the Calculate Withholding program to select a voucher, what must the voucher's pay status be?

100. Which three statements related to the Journal Entry Reversal Control functionality are TRUE?


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