Oracle 1Z0-1026 Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials Online Training

The Oracle 1Z0-1026 Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials Online Training of Exam4Training can ensure you pass your first time to participate in the Oracle certification 1Z0-1026 exam.Exam4Training providing Oracle 1Z0-1026 Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials Online Training are very close to the content of the formal examination. Through our short-term special training You can quickly grasp IT professional knowledge, and then have a good preparation for your Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials exam. We promise that we will do our best to help you pass the Order Management Cloud 1Z0-1026 exam.

1. Which three Pricing Architecture components are required for executing the pricing process?

2. You are explaining Pricing Segments to a client.

Which three statements describe the true purposes of a pricing segment that you could share with your client?

3. Your customer wants to change costs based on the quality of products ordered.

What must be configured to achieve this requirement?

4. Your customer wants to have a price list that determines pricing when transferring between two internal organizations.

Which two algorithms supports this policy?

5. Which component must a customer use to define adjustments?

6. Which two statements are true regarding the relationship between pricing strategies and pricing segments?

7. In which two lists are you able to define a matrix rule based on the out of the box setups?

8. Your client has an item that they ship (AS12321) that is very bulky and requires special handling if shipped using shipping method ''shipwithUs’’ Air-2 Day. It increases the handling fees by $10. They want to pass that change onto the customer and it should not be include in the net price.

How can this be accomplished?

9. You have a segment that has Very High entered for the Rating condition, but has empty values for the rest of the conditions.

What must you do to make sure that this will get assigned to every pricing profile with Very High for the Rating condition?

10. Which five predefined customer characteristics are available when creating a customer pricing profile?

11. Your freight charges are not gelling calculated as you expect on the order and you have validated the pricing and shipping rules. You now want to check the algorithm that does the calculation.

Which algorithm does this?

12. You want to add a customs profile with an effective start date of January 12. 2018 and an effective end date of January 14, 2019. There is a pricing profile for the same customer with an effective start date of January 3. 2017 and an effective end date of January 14. 2018.

Which statement is true regarding this requirement?

13. Your customer has internal sales within the company, handled as test transfers, as well as external sales to customers.

Which two services would they need to use?

14. You are trying to create a customer pricing profile for your client's customer, TEST_CUSTOMFR, and gel the following error: A pricing profile with an overlapping date range already exists for TEST .CUSTOMER.

What must you do to resolve this error?

15. Describe the predefined flow that is used by pricing to determine the net price of an item.

16. Which three statements are true regarding pricing segments?

17. Your client wants to calculate shipping charges based on the sales order totals.

Which "Compare to" attribute should they set up in the pricing matrix?

18. A customer has created a now Business Unit and wants to create price for an item in the business unit. After logging in to price lists, this customer is not able to view the new Business Unit in price lists.

19. A tax authority requires that you calculate tax only on the selling of an item that you are selling, and not on the shipping charge.

20. Your client sells thumb drives. Their pricing for Customer X Is $15 for 1 thumb drive or $60 for a box of 5.

Which price setup will achieve the desired price?

21. Your client wants to price based on the Freight Terms code on the order. How can you source that attribute In pricing?

22. Which three statements are true regarding pricing profiles?

23. Your client wants to change price rules for one of their Items.

Which three navigation paths outline how they could change the rules If the item Is already assigned to a price list?

24. You are trying to create pricing segments in Pricing under the Manage pricing Segments task. You are unable to see a list of values with the segment names underneath the Pricing Segments column.

What is the reason for this?

25. A customer has a product which they bill monthly.

Which price type would they use for this?

26. Your client wants to use a percentage discount on a product.

Which pitting base does this Involve?

27. Yom client wants to be able to manage their profit matins on the product they sell. When? docs pricing gel the cost from In older to perform this calculation?

28. A customer wants to use seeded pricing Message Tokens.

Identify three seeded tokens that the customer can use.

29. Your company is having a Holiday Extravaganza Sale and certain Items are discounted by 10%.

Which option applies the discount to the sates orders for a limited time and allows the customer to see the promotion?

30. A customer wants week as the default pricing periodicity for recurring charges.

Which parameter must be set?

31. You have a client who wants both their large and high-revenue potential customers to use the same pricing strategy.

Which two steps help your client achieve this requirement?

32. Apply tax recurring charges for specific product.

Which three components of the pricing process should be used to meet this requirement?

33. What is the Rounded Value of the when ''Round to Nearest'' is applied on an item in the scenario below?


Round To:0..05

Direction: Standard

Incremental value: 0.10

34. In which case would you update the Pricing Process Assignments?

35. Your client is running a back-to-school special on cell phone plans. Buy a new phone and get $15 off a month on the service charge for any plan above $75 for the first 4 months (September - December).

How should you set up this discount for the time period?


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