Oracle 1Z0-1006 Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables 2018 Implementation Essentials Online Training

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1. A customer calls the Accounts Receivables department and asks for the balance of all invoices that are due in the next 30 days. The customer also has a question about a specific invoice line.

As a Billing Specialist, which action should you take?

2. Advanced Collections allows you to assign one or more collectors C along with the primary collector C to create a Collector Group. All collectors who belong to a group can then perform the same collections activities.

Which statement listed below is NOT accurate in relation to the Collector Group feature?

3. When discussing the Receivables to Ledger Reconciliation Report with your customer, you are asked a number of questions about how to run the report.

Which statement is true?

4. When running the Collections Delinquency Management process, the business unit for which you want to run process does not appear in the drop-down menu.

What action do you need to take?

5. When a customer opts to make a payment by a credit card, this receipt is identified as a(n) _____.

6. You have created payment terms in a system and associated them in the USA reference data set. All the payment terms in the system are shown as follows. Business Unit X has a set assignment of Enterprise Set for payment terms.

Payment Term = Net 30; Reference Data Set = Enterprise Set

Payment Term = Net 45; Reference Data Set = Enterprise Set

Payment Term = 1%/10 Net 30; Reference Data Set = USA Set

Payment Term = Net 45; Reference Data Set = USA Set

If an invoice is created in Business Unit X, which payment term set is available for use in a transaction?

7. Your customer ships machines, and can recognize revenue for each machine after the machine has been delivered to a customer without waiting for complete satisfaction of an entire performance obligation.

How would you configure Satisfaction Method (SM) and Satisfaction Measurement Model (SMM) in Revenue Management to recognize revenue for these performance obligations at a point in time?

8. Which three receipts can be automatically applied by the “Apply Receipts Using AutoMatch” process?

9. Once the Create Balance Forward Billing program determines the customer or customers, which transactions does it select for inclusion in the bill?

10. Which is NOT a valid Infotile in the Accounts Receivables Work Area?


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