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1. Prism Central reporting indicates that there are multiple memory-constrained VMs in multiple clusters. The target VMs have Memory Hot Add enabled.

Using X-Play, in what order should the Playbook actions be added to ensure the VMs are properly remediated?

2. A blueprint service needs to use scaling.

The requirements are:

Windows 2019 VM (12 vCPU, 24 GB memory, 500 GB volume)

Minimum VMs needed at any time and at time of deployment is 2 VMs

VMs should not exceed the project quota of 100 vCPUs or 300 GB of memory

There are no other services in use within the project

Which scaling VM replica settings meet all requirements?

3. Refer to exhibits.

The variable VM_NAME is giving a warning that indicates that the variable is not found.

When checking the Service tab, the variable is found to match the VM_NAME field entry as shown in the exhibit below:

What is causing this warning message?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

A subset of Linux VMs are required to be gracefully shutdown each evening. A Playbook is created to shutdown the targeted VMs, however the error message shown in the exhibit is displayed when the Playbook is executed.

What is causing the error message?

5. Which feature of Calm allows for the creation of task-based automation against dynamic lists of Windows or Linux VMs?

6. An administrator needs to configure a Prism Central automation task to be notified if production VMs exceed the CPU threshold of 70%.

How can this be achieved?

7. Which two groups of operations can a Prism Admin or Super Admin role perform? (Choose two.)

8. What are two valid trigger types available for executing Playbooks? (Choose two.)

9. An administrator had provided Linux VM console access to the OS Team. However, the team is unable to access one of the newly-created Linux VMs.

How can the administrator resolve this issue?

10. An Application team has provided an administrator the following high level requirements for infrastructure they require:

5 Application VMs

2 Database VMs

2 Web VMs

Which two pieces of information are needed, at a minimum, to effectively automate the scaling of the environment? (Choose two.)


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