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1. You are the NACE Inspector on a tank lining project where a 50% solids epoxy tank lining is being applied. After application of the 19 coat you notice small blisters in some areas of the applied lining.

Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:

2. Dew point is the temperature at which

3. If a contractor is using a poorly maintained compressor to supply air for abrasive blast cleaning and conventional airspray, the coating inspector should perform a

4. Upon arrival of coating materials, the inspector should

5. Relative humidity is

6. Galvanic corrosion occurs on which of the following substrates:

7. When applying Thermal Spray Coatings the specification is most likely to refence:

8. What is the minimum recommended distance away from an edge that an inspector should take a measurement with a dial-type magnetic pull-off Dry Film Thickness (DFT) gauge?

9. Polymerization is the process of:

10. An exposed area of the substrate or previous coat of a conductive coating material, often caused by poor application technique is called


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  1. what more do I need to do to get nace level 1 inspector certification once I pass the online study and test? is there some other testing facility I will have to attend or am I immediately eligible to hire out and begin inspecting?

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