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1. Users report that they are unable to print. You verify that the print spooler service is running.

What should you do next?

2. You need to automate the installation of Windows Server 2016 on several servers.

What should you use?

3. Plug and Play is a/an:

4. The system partition on a Windows Server must always be installed to a:

5. You need to limit what a service can access. You should change the service's:

6. Services that are required to enable another service to run are referred to as service:

7. Which two specifications are included in Microsoft's hardware requirements for Windows Server? (Choose two.)

8. You are using the Services Management Console.

Which term is used to describe a service that is running?

9. You need to install storage device drivers for a Windows boot partition. When should you do this?

10. Which type of additional drivers does the Windows 10 installation phase prompt for?


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