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1. Which two asset types can be used in an engagement program stream? (Choose two.)

2. In which two ways can a marketer avoid a spamtrap? (Choose two.)

3. A marketer wants to create a Program Performance Report that shows the performance for all programs targeting a certain geographic region.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?

4. Which type of leads will receive a non-operational email?

5. A marketer is creating an autoresponder email to send a link to a piece of content.

What is an incorrect use of a token?

6. Given the Active Lead Model program:

From where are the tokens inherited?

7. A colleague reviewed a Marketo program setup and noticed that one of the landing page URLs is not SEO-friendly and needs to be changed.

How can the URL of the landing page be changed?

8. Which two statements differentiate smart lists from segmentations? (Choose two.)

9. A marketing and sales organization agrees on a service level agreement for prospects who request demos through Marketo landing pages. The marketing department is tasked with building a Smart Campaign that sends an immediate auto-reply email to the prospect, and 30 minutes afterwards, sends an email notification to the lead owner.

What is the correct order in the Smart Campaign flow setup?

10. A marketer has a global form that is used on five white-paper landing pages.

How can the marketer determine which leads filled out the form on a specific landing page?


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