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1. What are the differences between hard disk drives and solid state disks? (Choose two correct answers.)

2. Reverse DNS assigns hostnames to IP addresses.

How is the name of the IP address stored

on a DNS server?

3. Which of the following types of bus can connect hard disk drives with the motherboard?

4. Members of a team already have experience using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For a small hobby project, the team wants to set up a Linux server without paying for a subscription.

Which of the following Linux distributions allows the team members to apply as much of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux knowledge as possible?

5. What information can be displayed by top?

6. Which of the following commands can be used to resolve a DNS name to an IP address?

7. Which of the following outputs comes from the command free?

8. What is true about the dmesg command? (Choose two correct answers.)

9. Which of the following outputs could stem from the command last?

10. What is the UID of the user root?


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  1. Question 15 is wrong. The encrypted password is stored in /etc/shadow not /etc/passwd. The correct third answer should be, “The user’s default shell.” This is the output from cat /etc/passwd for my user: terryplee:x:1004:100::/hometerryplee: /bin/bash. Here is the output from /etc/shadow: terryplee:!:182230:0:999999:7::: That number is my encrypted password.

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