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1. Which of the following components of governance and management objectives includes the expected capability level?

2. Which of the following is an element of governance?

3. The alignment goal titled "Security of information, processing infrastructure and privacy" is part of which IT balanced scorecard (BSC) dimension?

4. Which of the following comprises the “information flow” component of a governance system?

5. Which of the following would be an appropriate metric to align with a goal of “Delivery of programs on time, on budget, and meeting requirements and quality standards”?

6. Within the principles for a governance system, the value generated from the use of I&T reflects:

7. Within a tailored enterprise governance system, a sourcing model for information and technology is associated with:

8. How do the assigned capability levels in the COBIT core model facilitate the achievement of the different capability levels?

9. Which of the following benefits derived from the use of COBIT is PRIMARILY associated with an internal stakeholder?

10. The Goals Cascade model illustrates that each governance or management objective supports the achievement of alignment goals that are related to:


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