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1. In Ethernet, ARP packets are divided into ARP Request and ARP Response. In the initial stage of communication, how is ARP Request transmitted in the network?

2. The 48-bit value of the MAC address of the computer network card is uniformly assigned by the IETF to each manufacturer, and is unique in the world.

3. For multiple static routes reaching the same destination, you can configure different priorities for them, so as to more flexibly apply route management policies to achieve route backup. This static routing scheme is called ?

4. Which of the following statements about the configuration of static routes is correct ?

5. The DBA can complete the dynamic allocation of upstream bandwidth in microsecond or millisecond time intervals.

6. In order to improve the bandwidth utilization rate, the upstream direction of the GPON system allows multiple ONU to send data at one time.

7. Which message does GPON transmit by establishing a dedicated ATM PVC or GEM Port between OLT and ONT? Used to provide standard discovery ONU capabilities, and to manage and control them.

8. The xPON system adopts WDM technology to realize single-fiber bidirectional transmission.

9. In the 10G GPON protocol stack, the smallest encapsulation unit is?

10. In the 10G GPON system, the XGEM frame is used to encapsulate data. How many bits of PORT ID are defined in the XGEM header?


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