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1. Large-scale cloud data centers use regions, AZs, and DCs to organize resources and ensure security management.

2. Each step in the automatic deployment process is automated, which can bring significant benefits including efficiency.

What are they key elements?

3. It Q&M management refers to the comprehensive management of IT software and hardware operating environments (such as software environment and network environment), IT service systems, and IT Q&M personnel by using related methods, methods, technologies, systems, processes, and documents, in IT O&M, which of the following events needs to be handled immediately?

4. The service design describes how to develop a blueprint for service architecture, processes, policies, and documents.

Which of the following does not belong to the capacity management defined by the ITIL service design?

5. Provides distributed monitoring solutions, including monitoring events and monitoring performance. The former is used to detect the causes of abnormal IIS running, and the latter is used to establish the user system performance benchmark.

Which of the following software is used to monitor the system?

6. ITIL best practices refer to the advanced ITSM methodology to understand enterprise requirements and implement sustainable management during IT service management.

Which of the following is the IT service operation process in the ITIL best practice system?

7. The private cloud is constructed independently for an enterprise and provides the most effective control over data, security, and service quality. Private clouds can be built by enterprise IT departments or cloud platform service providers. An enterprise can deploy its own network or application services on the cloud platform. Private clouds can be deployed in enterprise data centers or in equipment rooms of cloud platform service providers.

8. Nova is a virtual server deployment and service computing module developed by NASA.

Which of the following statements about common terms in components is incorrect?

9. Which of the following statements are CORRECT about the host that provides external block storage for Cinder?

10. Which of the following is the common data access level in a cloud data center?


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