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1. The NetEco1000S is an equipment-level monitoring software for inverters. It is mainly used in SUN2000, SUN8000 and third-party inverters.

2. The device that cannot be upgraded by the NetEco1000S system for remote software is ()

3. About the description of SmartLogger1000 and SmartLogger2000, which is incorrect? (Multiple Choice)

4. Huawei Smart Array Controller SmartACU2000B is recommended to be larger than () mm from the ground when installing.

5. About Huawei's smart photovoltaic solution grounding system design, which of the following is correct? (Multiple Choice)

6. When the debugging of the Huawei PLC communication network is started, which of the operation description of setting the anti-crosstalk is correct? (Multiple Choice)

7. When installing the AC line of the Huawei SUN2000 inverter, it is recommended that the stripping length of the insulation layer be 2mm~3mm longer than the crimping area of the OT terminal sub cable for convenient wiring. After pressing the terminal, the place of line needs to be covered with a heat shrinkable T bush or insulating rubber tape.

8. During the operation of Huawei SUN2000L household inverter, the inverter “DC SWITCH” can be directly set to “OFF” for shutdown operation.

9. Which of the following design is not suitable for a mountain photovoltaic power station system?

10. The Huawei PID module adjusts the photovoltaic panel PV+ or PV- voltage to earth by injecting voltage between N line and ground line of the isolation transformer, to realize the inhibition of photovoltaic panel PID effect.


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