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1. BFD control packets are encapsulated in UDP packets for transmission .

What is the destination port number of multi-hop BFD control packets?

2. In the OSPF protocol, inter-area route calculation involves only Router LSA, Network LSA, and Summary LSA.

3. Which of the following statements regarding OSPF route summarization is false?

4. As shown in the following figure, a new AP is deployed In dual link MSB networking (load balancing mode) .

Which AC will the connect to?

5. Which of the following is the default interval at which the DIS on a broadcast IS_IS network sends CSNPs.

6. To inject IGP routes into BGP routes, you can only use the network command.

7. Which of the following statement regarding the display ospf peer command output is true?

8. A switch runs MSTP. The configuration is shown in the figure .

What is the role of this switch in MSTI 1?

9. The filter-policy 2000 export command is run in an ISIS process .

Which of the following statements about the functions of a filter policy is false?

10. To prevent inter-area routing loops, OSPF does not allow advertising routing information between two non-backbone areas and allows sing routing information only within an area or between the backbone area and a non-backbone area. Therefore, each ABR must be connected to the backbone area.


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