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1. Users cannot access intranet resources when using the network extension function. Which of the following is not the possible cause of the failure?

2. In a dual-system hot-standby network, when configuring an HRP heartbeat interface, if the address of the peer heartbeat interface is specified, which of the following types of VGMP Hello packets are sent between firewalls?

3. The dual-system hot backup networking diagram is shown below. The gateway address of PC1 in the figure should be the interface IP address of the active device, that is,

4. The bandwidth management function only supports limiting the number of connections initiated by a specified IP.

5. When using the Radius server to authenticate users, it is necessary to configure the corresponding user name and password on both the Radius server and the firewall.

6. As shown in the figure, the firewall dual-system hot-standby networking environment. In this networking environment, which of the following commands can ensure that the device can automatically adjust the priority of the VGMP management group and automatically perform the active-standby switchover?

7. Which of the following description of the working process of network expansion is wrong?

8. In the IDC room, a Huawei USG6000 series firewall can be used to divide into several virtual systems, and then the root firewall administrator can generate virtual system administrators to manage each virtual system.

9. The two FWs are interconnected through IPSec. Execute display ike sa on FW_A. The result is as follows. Which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

10. In dual-system hot backup, how many cycles does the Slave consider that the peer is faulty when it does not receive the HRP HELLO message sent by the peer?


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