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1. Which of the following tools is an open source protocol analyzer that can capture traffic in real time?

2. You are implementing a host based intrusion detection system on your web server. You feel that the best way to monitor the web server is to find your baseline of activity (connections, traffic, etc.) and to monitor for conditions above that baseline.

This type of IDS is called __________.

3. Which of the following are open-source vulnerability scanners? (Choose three.)

4. Suppose you are working as a Security Administrator at ABC Inc. The company has a switched network. You have configured tcpdump in the network which can only see traffic addressed to itself and broadcast traffic.

What will you do when you are required to see all traffic of the network?

5. Which of the following techniques is used to identify attacks originating from a botnet?

6. John works as a professional Ethical Hacker. He is assigned a project to test the security of You have searched all open ports of the ABC server. Now, you want to perform the next information-gathering step, i.e., passive OS fingerprinting.

Which of the following tools can you use to accomplish the task?

7. Which of the following protocols is used by TFTP as a file transfer protocol?

8. Which of the following steps are generally followed in computer forensic examinations? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. (Choose three.)

9. Which of the following monitors program activities and modifies malicious activities on a system?

10. Which of the following wireless security features provides the best wireless security mechanism?


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