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1. Refer to the exhibit, which contains partial output from an IKE real-time debug.

Which two statements about this debug output are correct? (Choose two.)

2. A FortiGate has two default routes:

All Internet traffic is currently using port1. The exhibit shows partial information for one sample session of Internet traffic from an internal user:

What would happen with the traffic matching the above session if the priority on the first default route (IDd1) were changed from 5 to 20?

3. View the central management configuration shown in the exhibit, and then answer the question below.

Which server will FortiGate choose for antivirus and IPS updates if is experiencing an outage?

4. Examine the following partial outputs from two routing debug commands; then answer the question below:

Why the default route using port2 is not displayed in the output of the second command?

5. An administrator has configured a dial-up IPsec VPN with one phase 2, extended authentication (XAuth) and IKE mode configuration.

The administrator has also enabled the IKE real time debug:

diagnose debug application ike-1

diagnose debug enable

In which order is each step and phase displayed in the debug output each time a new dial-up user is connecting to the VPN?

6. View the exhibit, which contains a partial web filter profile configuration, and then answer the question below.

Which action will FortiGate take if a user attempts to access, which is categorized as File Sharing and Storage?

7. Which statement about NGFW policy-based application filtering is true?

8. An administrator has configured two FortiGate devices for an HA cluster. While testing HA failover, the administrator notices that some of the switches in the network continue to send traffic to the former primary device. The administrator decides to enable the setting link-failed-signal to fix the problem.

Which statement about this setting is true?

9. Examine the output from the BGP real time debug shown in the exhibit, then the answer the question below:

Which statements are true regarding the output in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

10. View the exhibit, which contains the output of a diagnose command, and the answer the question below.

Which statements are true regarding the Weight value?


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