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1. An ArcGIS Pro project requires an additional file geodatabase be created and associated with the project.

How should this be accomplished?

2. Which two ways can values be entered into the scale box to set map scale in ArcGIS Pro? (Choose two.)

3. A GIS technician needs to export multiple maps of individual county parcels.

Which action should the technician take to achieve this in ArcGIS Pro?

4. A GIS analyst is working with labels in ArcMap. The labels do NOT stand out from the underlying vector data. The underlying data is complex. The analyst must configure the labels so they stand out distinctly from the background without sacrificing the overall integrity of the map theme.

Which action should the analyst take to achieve this?

5. An ArcGIS Pro user makes a selection on a feature layer using the following expression:

Suburb is Equal to Abbey Caves

The user opens the attribute table and notices the expression has been entered incorrectly. The expression should have been:

Suburb does Not Equal Abbey Caves

How should the user efficiently apply the correct selection expression?

6. An ArcMap user must determine the coordinate system of a dataset.

Where is this information located?

7. A researcher is opening a new, blank ArcGIS Pro Project. Upon creating the ArcGIS Pro Project, a map is NOT visible.

What should the researcher do to begin the project?

8. Which application organizes and manages many types of geographic information as its primary function?

9. A GIS user creates a folder connection in ArcGIS Pro. Most of the user's work is typically done with the same collection of data. The user finishes that project and creates a new ArcGIS Pro project to begin working in a new geographic area. The folder connection has disappeared.

What should the user do to persist that folder connection in multiple projects?

10. An analyst has project data in the form of shapefiles

What should the analyst do to import the data to a file geodatabase?


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