DELL EMC DES-6321 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, VxRail Appliance Exam Online Training

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1. What components of a VxRail node must be assigned IP addresses?

2. A system administrator wants to check the version of the VxRail Manager Plug-In.

Where can this be done?

3. What is the maximum number of nodes in a VxRail Cluster with 25 GbE?

4. Beginning with VxRail version 4.7, which product license option has changed?

5. What type of license does the Dell 4100 OS 10 Switch require to support SmartFabric Services beyond the initial trial period?

6. A VxRail Cluster setup with P570F nodes is used for product evaluation purposes at customer sites. Before moving the Cluster to another customer site. it needs to be reset.

Where is the image located to complete this task?

7. How long does it take for the Primary node to be selected for a VxRail deployment after all nodes have been powered on?

8. What are all of the menu option choices available in the RASR factory reset procedure when booting from the RASR ISO?

9. You are validating a VxRail deployment of six V570F nodes each with four 10 Gb connections. The VxRail nodes have not been powered on.

You need to ensure that the Dell EMC ToR switch is configured correctly.

Which command should you use to do this?

10. How many nodes can be added simultaneously to an easting VxRail Cluster?


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