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1. A company is planning to implement a Dell EMC RecoverPoint solution for the first time. They currently have two data between the two data centers and require replication. You have analyze the WAN between the two data centers and determine it will meet all then requirements

What other factor will impact first lime initialization of all newly configured Consistency Groups?

2. A customer is wants to ingest their backup to a Dell EMC Data Domain using Aavamar at the maximum network throughout that the system supports.

What should be used to achieve this requirement?

3. A customer wants to perform a data center refresh. They want to standardize their backup infrastructure by using Dell EMC NEtworker and Data Domain in an integrated environment. The environment consists of:

* A primary data center with NEtworker and data Domain

* A disasters recovery (DR) data center with only Data Domain

All data is backed up to Networker using a DD Boost device. The data is than copied to the DR center. Data for critical system needs to be retained seven years on tape at the DR data center. In order to configure and track backup jobs, the entire solution must be managed from a single unified interface.

Which application should be used?

4. A company environment consists of two data centers with a single Dell EMC XtremlO array. The Company has indicate has that they need ability to provide disaster recovery protection.

Which Recoverpoint license will provide this capability while minimizing cost?

5. in a Dell EMC NEtworker environment, which component uses the largest amount of storage resources?

6. A customer has an existing Dell EMC Avamar from metadata integration with a Data Domain DD9800 and they recently purchased an IDPA Dp8800. The current Avamar/Data Domain system has many backups that the customer needs to keeps for compliance purposes in addition, the customer wants to migrate the data over to the Dp8800 so that they can restore the backup with the Dp8800.

What method must be used to achieve this migration?

7. You are meeting with customer to provide a data protection solution for their MS SQL servers using Dell EMC Networker. The customer has indicated they need granular level recovery.

Which feature provides this capability?

8. You have been asked to conduct a review of a customer current Dell EMC NEtworker backup infrastructure. They are looking for configuration, capacity and performance information which tool should be used?

9. in a Dell EMC RecoverPoint environment, which Consistency Group setting will help prevent application for synchronous replication?

10. A customer wants to use 40 GbE breakout uplinks in a Dell EMC integrated Data Protection Appliance (DPA) factory-configured ToR switch.

Which customer environment needs to exist to make use of this uplink option?


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