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1. A storage architect is evaluating the performance of a PowerMax array during business hours. They want to know how much extra load the PowerMax can handle without significant performance degradation. The Workload Planner is used to identify the hot spots during the recurring backup windows.

Between 9:30 PM and 1:30 AM and between 3:15 AM and 5:30 AM, backups are causing the PowerMax to exceed the best practice recommendation. The Recurring System Data Exclusion Periods chart is used to filter out these hot spots. After running this workload planning for a few weeks, they notice that the selection of records they previously made are showing different numbers than when they started viewing the report, several weeks ago.

What is the explanation for this behavior?

2. The SecurityAdmin for Unisphere wants to create a new user that will perform all management (active or control) operations on a storage system and be able to modify GNS group definitions in addition to all Monitor operations. The user will not be able to create or delete user accounts.

What role needs to be assigned to the new user?

3. The output file of a Linux Host Collection Utility does not match the BCSD parser format .

What could be the reason?

4. A PowerMax parent Storage Group (SG) contains two child SGs: SG1 and SG2 .

What is a valid Host I/O limit setting for this configuration?

5. A storage architect is looking for best practices to expand an existing single V-Brick VMAX All Flash 250. They are planning to expand the VMAX configuration to a dual V-Brick model for better performance.

What is a consideration?

6. A customer is planning an SRDF/S implementation. They are concerned about the performance of their application when the initial synchronization of the data occurs.

Which SRDF mode should be used during the initial synchronization period?


An architect is configuring BCSD to design SRDF/S between two new PowerMax arrays. The architect has completed the tasks for the local side of the solution, including RA Port Group, Replication Group, and site switch.

What is the correct order of steps the architect needs to take to complete the SRDF setup?

8. A very small data center is being deployed at a service provider site. New 32 GB FC switches to support Open Systems hosts have been purchased and installed in the data center. Two of the tenants for data storage are from competing small businesses. Data storage for each tenant is expected to be a maximum of 500 TB. Because tenants are from competing companies, the service provider wants to be able to provide data storage from different arrays to each tenant to guarantee separation of data and information.

Which array is recommended to support these requirements, while occupying the least amount of space in the new data center?

9. What is the default data collection interval for TTP collections?

10. What needs to be created in BCSD to link multiple SRDF/A sessions?


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