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1. To support a fault tolerant and high-availability architecture, the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) servers need to be configured to communicate with the Primary Vault and Satellite Vaults.

What file needs to be changed on the PVWA to enable this setup?

2. Auto-Detection can be configured to leverage LDAP/S.

3. Vault admins must manually add the auditors group to newly created safes so auditors will have sufficient access to run reports.

4. When a group is granted the ‘Authorize Account Requests’ permission on a safe Dual Control requests must be approved by:

5. When creating an onboarding rule, it will be executed upon.

6. You are successfully managing passwords in the alpha.cyberark com domain; however when you attempt to manage a password in the domain, you receive the 'network path not found* error.

What should you check first?

7. Which service should NOT be running on the DR Vault when the primary production Vault is up?

8. Which of the following statements are NOT true when enabling PSM recording for a target Windows server? Choose all that apply

9. What is the primary purpose of Exclusive Accounts?

10. Which of the following are prerequisites for installing PVWA Check all that Apply


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