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1. All cloud services utilize virtualization technologies.

2. If there are gaps in network logging data, what can you do?

3. CCM: In the CCM tool, a _____________________ is a measure that modifies risk and includes any process, policy, device, practice or any other actions which modify risk.

4. Who is responsible for the security of the physical infrastructure and virtualization platform?

5. What factors should you understand about the data specifically due to legal, regulatory, and jurisdictional factors?

6. Which cloud-based service model enables companies to provide client-based access for partners to databases or applications?

7. CCM: The following list of controls belong to which domain of the CCM?

GRM 06 C Policy

GRM 07 C Policy Enforcement

GRM 08 C Policy Impact on Risk Assessments

GRM 09 C Policy Reviews

GRM 10 C Risk Assessments

GRM 11 C Risk Management Framework

8. Which attack surfaces, if any, does virtualization technology introduce?

9. APIs and web services require extensive hardening and must assume attacks from authenticated and unauthenticated adversaries.

10. Which of the following is NOT a cloud computing characteristic that impacts incidence response?


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