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1. Dave has been asked to delete a custom object that has been deployed only to UAT. He has committed the object using the Destructive Changes Git operation. While reviewing the commits, he finds out that the commit has the status No changes.

What could be the reason for this?

2. Dave would like to change the base branch on a user story from master to uat, but he can't see the Advanced button.

As a Copado admin, what is the best way to fix this?

3. Even though Dave has defined NoTestRun in the Promotion Test Level field on his user story, the

deployment to production is running local tests.

What could be the reason for this?

4. You have a PMD static code analysis rule with priority 2. If this rule is violated once, what

will be the violation score?

5. What happens with a component that is added to the .gitignore file and is later committed on a user


6. What is the command sfdx copado:auth:set -a [myOrgAlias] used for?

7. Rob would like to run Apex tests for all Apex metadata coming into the UAT environment and a compliance check for profiles and permission sets coming into the same environment.

How can he accomplish this?

8. In a sandbox, you have made some changes in the System Admin profile. When you try to deploy the profile, you are getting the error "Unknown User Permission: ManageSandboxes."

What can you do in

order to move your changes forward? Select all that apply!

9. Debbie committed some changes to the Opportunity Layout but, after deploying her changes from DEV to INT, she found her changes were not there due to an auto-resolved Git conflict she was not aware of.

How can she prevent this from happening again in all future promotions?

10. Debbie is deploying a user story with Apex components from UAT to production. The promotion test level on the user story is set to RunSpecifiedTests.

What test level is going to be enforced in the deployment to production?


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