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1. A user cannot consume SaaS services while working remotely. IP whitelisting is implemented to connect to a SaaS provider as a security mechanism.

Which of the following describes the MOST likely reason why the user cannot access the SaaS resources?

2. After running monthly capacity reports on private cloud hosts, an engineer decides the CPU overcommitment ratio on the cluster is affecting performance on the VMs.

If the engineer is trying to minimize costs, which of the following actions is the engineer MOST likely to take?

3. A university is running a DNA decoding project that will take seven years if it runs on its current internal mainframe. The university negotiated a deal with a large cloud provider, which will donate its cloud resource to process the DNA decoding during the low peak time throughout the world.

Which of the following is the MOST important resource the university should ask the cloud provider to donate?

4. Based on demand, an IaaS provider wants to deploy a security application for its customers.

Which of the following is the BEST technique for the IaaS provider to apply this to target systems?

5. Government agencies currently operate their own websites, each with its own directory services. There is a mandate to minimize IT administration.

Which of the following should the cloud services architect choose to BEST meet this mandate?

6. A real-time video-streaming company is determining the best cloud provider for high

network performance, availability, and reliability requirements for the company’s all-in cloud strategy. The new service should survive any regional disruption without any customer downtime.

Which of the following is the BEST solution?

7. A rural manufacturing company wants to move all IT services, including the industrial control systems, to the cloud.

Given this scenario, which of the following cloud services elements would be a challenge to the deployment?

8. A cloud service company is proposing a solution to a major sporting venue. The solution offers 99.999% availability during special events, which is proven through specialized testing.

Which of the following techniques should be applied to confirm the high availability claimed by the company? (Select TWO.)

9. IaaS users are reporting longer than expected wait times when accessing the virtual file repository. There are more than 2TB of free disk space, and vCPU and vRAM do not reach more than 75% utilization.

In which of the following ways should the cloud systems administrator analyze this issue?

10. A company is implementing a launchpad within an existing application that will point to an existing SaaS provider. One of the requirements is the user should not have to log on multiple times. SSO is in place. When the launchpad is used, the user is redirected to SaaS providers as designed, but is asked for login credentials.

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?


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