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1. A cybersecurity analyst has received a report that multiple systems are experiencing slowness as a result of a DDoS attack .

Which of the following would be the BEST action for the cybersecurity analyst to perform?

2. An analyst has received unusual alerts on the SIEM dashboard. The analyst wants to get payloads that the hackers are sending toward the target systems without impacting the business operation .

Which of the following should the analyst implement?

3. A reverse engineer was analyzing malware found on a retailer’s network and found code extracting track data in memory .

Which of the following threats did the engineer MOST likely uncover?

4. An HR employee began having issues with a device becoming unresponsive after attempting to open an email attachment. When informed, the security analyst became suspicious of the situation, even though there was not any unusual behavior on the IDS or any alerts from the antivirus software .

Which of the following BEST describes the type of threat in this situation?

5. Which of the following is MOST effective for correlation analysis by log for threat management?

6. A cybersecurity analyst is reviewing the current BYOD security posture. The users must be able to synchronize their calendars, email, and contacts to a smartphone or other personal device. The recommendation must provide the most flexibility to users .

Which of the following recommendations would meet both the mobile data protection efforts and the business requirements described in this scenario?

7. A security analyst is adding input to the incident response communication plan. A company officer has suggested that if a data breach occurs, only affected parties should be notified to keep an incident from becoming a media headline .

Which of the following should the analyst recommend to the company officer?

8. An organization has recently recovered from an incident where a managed switch had been accessed and reconfigured without authorization by an insider. The incident response team is working on developing a lessons learned report with recommendations .

Which of the following recommendations will BEST prevent the same attack from occurring in the future?

9. A technician is running an intensive vulnerability scan to detect which ports are open to exploit. During the scan, several network services are disabled and production is affected .

Which of the following sources would be used to evaluate which network service was interrupted?

10. A cybersecurity analyst is completing an organization’s vulnerability report and wants it to reflect assets accurately .

Which of the following items should be in the report?


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