Citrix 1Y0-341 Citrix ADC Advanced Topics – Security, Management and Optimization Online Training

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1. Which Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) Analytics page allows a Citrix Engineer to monitor web application traffic?

2. Which variable will display the client’s source IP address when added to an HTML Error Object page?

3. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer used Learning to establish the HTML SQL Injection relaxations for a critical web application. The engineer now wishes to begin working on the protections for a different web application. The name of the Web App Profile is appfw_prof_customercare.

Which CLI command can the engineer use to empty the Learn database?

4. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer configured signature protections for Citrix Web App Firewall. Signature Auto-Update has been enabled. Upon reviewing the log files, the engineer notices that the auto update process has an error. In the settings for Signature Auto Update the engineer notices that the URL is blank.

Which URL should the engineer enter to restore the update process?

5. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer wants to configure the Citrix ADC for OAuth authentication. The engineer uploads the required certificates, configure the actions, and creates all the necessary policies. After binding the authentication policy to the application, the engineer is unable to authenticate.

What is the most likely cause of this failure?

6. Which syntax is used to write a StyleBook?

7. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is reviewing the Citrix Web App Firewall log files using the GUI. Upon further analysis, the engineer notices that legitimate application traffic is being blocked.

What can the engineer do to allow the traffic to pass through while maintaining security?

8. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer implements Application-level Quality of Experience (AppQoE) to protect a web application. The engineer configures the AppQoE action to deliver a custom response from a backup server once the maximum number of concurrent connection is reached.

To achieve this, the engineer should set the Acton Type toand specify the. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

9. What can a Citrix Engineer implement to protect against the accidental disclosure of personally identifiable information (PII)?

10. Which report can a Citrix Engineer review to ensure that the Citrix ADC meets all PCI-DSS requirements.


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