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Cisco 500-920 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure Troubleshooting (DCITUC) Online Training - Exam4Training

Cisco 500-920 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure Troubleshooting (DCITUC) Online Training

You can comfortably pass your Cisco 500-920 exam with the help of Exam4Training. Exam4Training is the leader in IT Certifications that will guarantee you will pass your 500-920 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure Troubleshooting (DCITUC) exam on your first attempt. If you are unable to pass the Cisco Channel Partner Data Center 500-920 exam on your first attempt, then we will give you a full compensation of your purchasing fee.They have the guarantee that the Cisco 500-920 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure Troubleshooting (DCITUC) Online Training that they have will be the ones that will make you pass your 500-920 exam in the very first go.

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1. In Cisco UCS, there are several interfaces involved on the packet path from the vNIC through the adapter, IOM to finally reach Pi.

Which is the order of those interfaces, starting from the vNIC?

2. Which are two benefits of integrating Cisco UCS C-series servers with Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose two)

Cisco UCS Manager provides the ability to automatically update C-series firmware and device drivers from a single global interface.

3. Which two components are required when the integration of Cisco UCS C-series servers within a Cisco UCS Manager Direct Connect mode? (Choose two)

4. When server is booting from SAN, which command verifies the PLOGI sessions with the target?

5. If a Cisco UCS B-Series server fails to initialize, which method of access is required to troubleshoot?

6. Which two formats can be configured for Cisco's Call Home email message? (Choose two)

7. What occurs that causes a Split Brain Issue with Fabric Interconnects?

8. Which are two Application Gateways primary roles? (Choose two)

9. Which Cisco UCS internal component maintains the UCS XML database, manages the FSM stages and operations and instructs the Application Gateway to perform operations on physical and logical elements?

10. After installing a new UCS M4 server, which two Cisco Integrated Management Controller connectivity options do you have? (Choose two)


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