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1. Which two statements about PfR are true? (Choose two)

2. Which three values are used to generate a unique bridge ID for each VLAN in PVST+? (Choose three)

3. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two actions can you take to allow the network to be reachable from peer (Choose two)

4. Which IPv6 solution provides network information to clients without providing an IPv6 host address?

5. How does MSTP maintain compatibility with RSTP?

6. Which three statements correctly describe the encoding used by NETCONF and RESTCONF? (Choose three)

7. Which three basic types of SD-WAN deployments are out on the market? (Choose three)

8. Which two limitations of PIM snooping are true? (Choose two)

9. A 1 Gbps router interface to a nearby data center is showing tens of thousands of egress drops per day.

The round trip time is 2ms and the average packet size is 1000 bytes. An analysis shows that the traffic is TCP-based business application traffic. All traffic is important, so QoS will not help. You decide to increase egress buffers, keeping in mind that the TCP retransmit timer is 2*SRTT.

What is the maximum amount of buffering that can be used to reduce the impact on the applications without impacting application throughput?

10. Which value does EIGRP use to determine the metric for a summary address?


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