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1. Which statement about the SDN framework environment is true?

2. Which two design solutions ensure sub 50 msec of the convergence time after a link failure in the network? (Choose two)

3. Which two functions of an NSSA an OSPF network design are true? (Choose two)

4. Refer to the exhibit.

A retail company has around 500 branches across the U.S. The company is connected to the DC and DR routers through a Frame Relay cloud. All the communication happens only between BR routers to DC or DR routers, and there is no BR router to BR rotter communication. The service provider has decided to discontinue the Frame Relay service and replace it with Metro Ethernet. The retail company currently uses OSPF NBMA mode as IGP, which is the only scenario that the IT team is familiar with. The retail company decides to optimize the data center computing resources with server virtualisation. They have many serve, segments that need Layer 2 connectivity between the DC router and me DR router tor VM failover.

Which Metro Ethernet technology uses a minimum of resources from the service provider network?

5. An enterprise campus is adopting a network virtualization design solution with these requirements

✑ It must include the ability to virtualize the data plane and control plane by using VLANs and VRFs

✑ It must maintain end-to-end logical path transport separation across the network

✑ resources available grouped at the access edge

Which two primary models can this network virtualization design be categorized? (Choose two)

6. Which description of the RPF check in the multicast forwarding traffic is true?

7. You have been tasked to create a Layer 2 network design that uses vPC to provide resiliency and avoid loops, vPC removes Layer 2 loops while providing redundancy through which mechanism?

8. Which mechanism enables small, unmanaged switches to plug into ports of access switches without risking switch loops?

9. Which two descriptions of the transport protocols used by RESTCONF and NETCONF are true? (Choose two)

10. You are designing an MPLS Layer 3 VPN network where the data path must be the same in both directions. Sites are connected to two PE routers.

Which two design considerations allow this symmetric routing to be achieved? (Choose two.)


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