Cisco 300-610 Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID) Online Training

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1. What is an advantage of using OTV as compared to VPLS for data center redundancy?


A failure occurs on the network between two BFD and OSPF neighbors.

Drag and drop the protocol actions from the left into the correct order on the right.

3. Which multicast rendezvous point redundancy mode is valid for Bidirectional PIM?

4. An engineer deploys LISP VM mobility.

Which feature is configured on the interfaces that have VM mobility enabled?

5. What are two advantages of using Cisco vPC over traditional access layer designs? (Choose two.)


Drag the appropriate from the left onto the current UDLD modes of operation on the right.

7. What is a design consideration when implementing FSPF?

8. Which two features are provided by deploying an OOB management network in a Cisco Nexus data center? (Choose two.)

9. The management of the Cisco Nexus switches is provided over an isolated put-of-band network. The VDC feature is configured on the Cisco Nexus core switches.

How is out-of-band management access provided for each VDC?

10. Which two configurations allow for routing traffic between two VDCs? (Choose two.)


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