Cisco 300-115 Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks Online Training

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1. Which two statements about normal-range VLANs are true? (Choose two.)

2. Which two statements correctly describe the benefits of GLBP? (Choose two.)

3. Which two limitations of IP Source Guard are true? (Choose two.)

4. Which virtual MAC address does HSRP group 37 use with default configuration?

5. A network engineer is considering implementing UDLD throughout the network. which option must the network engineer consider?

6. Which statement describes the result of issuing the spanning-tree portfast trunk command under interface configuration mode?

7. Which two operational attributes can be checked for EtherChannel ports that are in err-disabled state?

8. Which three statements about extended VLANs are true? (Choose three.)

9. Which two statements about native VLANs are true? (Choose two.)

10. Refer to the exhibit A network engineer deployed an older switch with the same spanning-tree priority as the existing root, which caused a network outage.

In which two locations should the Spanning Tree protocol root guard feature be implemented? (Choose two.)


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