CII IF1 Insurance Legal and Regulatory (IF1) Exam Online Training

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1. To whom, if anyone, can an agent normally delegate the responsibility imposed on net under an agency agreement?

2. Which key test for money laundering is defined under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002?

3. Barbara owns a factory employing 20 people.

What insurance is she required to hold by law?

4. A loss adjuster normally acts on behalf of the

5. A Terms of Business Agreement between an insurer and an intermediary sets out the

6. Joel buys a house in a flood plain, but it has NOT flooded for 10 years.

In purchasing insurance, Joel is managing what element of risk?

7. Harry owns a sports car valued at £1.000 and agrees to sell it to Ben for £500.

Ben discusses this with his solicitor who states the contract is

8. It is important to ensure the fair treatment of customers in order to comply with rules set by the

9. The purpose of the EU solvency requirements for insurers and intermediaries is to

10. If an insured signs an agreement with a hold harmless clause, this may prevent the insurer from


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