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Exam4Training Certified Blockchain Solution Architect experts have put their knowledge and experience together for designing the Blockchain CBSA BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Online Training. They have done a thorough study of the syllabus and exam procedure to bring the best of all resource in your hand. The Blockchain CBSA ensures success in the first attempt that means you can pass your CBSA BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect without any doubt.

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1. Proof of Stake consensus is most often needed for and implemented by:

2. The merkle tree contains a full list of the transactions on the blockchain?

3. Select the best statement for determining how consensus is reached.

4. What are some advantages of Proof of Stake (POS) mining over Proof of Work (POW) mining? (Select three.)

5. Which factor influences the gas cost to deploy a Smart Contact on the Ethereum blockchain?

6. In Proof of Work group consensus, the “nonce” refers to?

7. By default, who can see transaction details on a public/open blockchain?

8. The “Nothing-at-Stake” problem that could be realized by Proof of Stake networks would be caused by what?

9. Anonymity can be protected in blockchain applications by use of which of the following?

10. The Secure Registry Services enables Secured ____________Registry of base Hyperledger images and custom images containing chaincodes.

What type of registry is implemented?


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