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1. The call center has recently converted from 4 to 5 digit extensions. Since the conversion, callers to the Spanish Customer Service skill report that they can no longer reach a specific agent in the call center, even if they know the extension number.

Which two commands would provide information to isolate the problem? (Choose two.)

2. Which three statements are true about virtual routing? (Choose three.)

3. Best Services Routing (BSR) allows adjusting the idle time of agents when determining agent selection. You are considering the step adjustment set to 20 for a given location.

Which statement about agent adjustments for the considered location step is true?

4. In a multi-site Best Services Routing (BSR) configuration, what is the purpose of the Status Poll vector?

5. In which document can the events table be found?

6. Refer to the exhibit.

The reply-bestvector command is applied to which BSR VDN/Vector?

7. What are the three consideration requirements for the deployment of Network Call Deflection? (Choose three.)

8. To activate and use Best Services Routing (BSR) Available Agent Adjustment, which two must be configured in the Avaya Aura® Elite Call Center? (Choose two.)

9. The Status Poll VDN does not respond to a consider locationvector command.

Which three reasons are causing this problem? (Choose three.)

10. What must be administered in the route-pattern for a multi-site Best Services Routing (BSR) application?


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