Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA Professional Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional (V11) Online Training

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1. Which two files cannot be scheduled by the Schedule Manager in an AA Client? (Choose two.)

2. Which of the following options in AAE support the email notification feature?

3. Which options are available in a Control Room activity tab?

4. Which of the following is not a valid recorder in Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform?

5. Which of the following command allows users to send the Username and Password in the Terminal Environment?

6. What is the right way to assign values to a previously defined variable?

7. A Control Room administrator has received an advisory from IT that security may be compromised for many Control Room systems. IT is concerned that there may be an attempt to load some harmful code into the Control Room.

What two steps can the Control Room administrator take to address this threat?(Choose two.)

8. A developer creates a script from the Workbench with the debugging mode set to 'ON' but is not seeing any Images in the Visualize section.

What needs to be set to view the images?

9. An administrator is tasked to consume work items from a given queue in the Control Room instance in an existing connection. In the Variable Manager panel, what must the administrator first add in the Bot?

10. The website administrator has a new website launch in a few days. Prior to the launch, the administrator wants to verify that all links in the website are functional and there are no gaps in terms of any unconnected links.

How can this be accomplished in a minimal amount of time?


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