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articlesDf = articlesDf.groupby("col").count() - Exam4Training

articlesDf = articlesDf.groupby("col").count()

articlesDf = articlesDf.groupby("col").count()

B. 4, 5

C. 2, 5, 3

D. 5, 2

E. 2, 3, 4

F. 2, 5, 4

Answer: E


Correct code block:

articlesDf = articlesDf.select(explode(col(‘attributes’)))

articlesDf = articlesDf.groupby(‘col’).count()

articlesDf = articlesDf.sort(‘count’,ascending=False).select(‘col’)

Output of correct code block:


| col|


| summer|

| winter|

| blue|

| cozy|

| travel|

| fresh|

| red|


| green|


Static notebook | Dynamic notebook: See test 2,

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