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1. A SysOps Administrator must find a way to set up alerts when Amazon EC2 service limits are close to being reached.

How can the Administrator achieve this requirement?

2. A SysOps administrator created an AWS service catalog portfolio and shared the portfolio with a second AWS account in the company. The second account is controlled by a different administrator.

Which action will the administrator of the second account be able to perform?

3. After launching a new Amazon EC2 instance from a Microsoft Windows 2012 Amazon Machine Image (AMI), the SysOps Administrator is unable to connect to the instance using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The instance is also unreachable. As part of troubleshooting, the Administrator deploys a second instance from a different AMI using the same configuration and is able to connect to the instance.

What should be the next logical step in troubleshooting the first instance?

4. An application team has asked a sysops administrator to provision an additional environment for an application in four additional regions. The application is running on more than 100 instances in us-east-1, using fully baked AMIs, An AWS CloudFormation template has been created to deploy resources in us-east-1.

What must the sysops administrator do to provision the application quickly?

5. A company has an application database on Amazon RDS that runs a resource-intensive reporting job This is causing other applications using the database to run slowly

What should the SysOps Administrator do to resolve this issue*?

6. A SysOps Administrator receives reports of an Auto Scaling group failing to scale when the nodes running Amazon Linux in the cluster are constrained by high memory utilization.

What should the Administrator do to enable scaling to better adapt to the high memory utilization?

7. A SysOps Administrator is deploying a legacy web application on AWS. The application has four Amazon EC2 instances behind Classic Load Balancer and stores data in an Amazon RDS instance. The legacy application has known vulnerabilities to SQL injection attacks, but the application code is no longer available to update.

What cost-effective configuration change should the Administrator make to migrate the risk of SQL injection attacks?

8. A SysOps Administrator is tasked with deploying and managing a single CloudFormation templates across multiple AWS Accounts. accomplish this?

9. Which command must be present in a Cisco device configuration to enable the device to resolve an FQDN?

10. A SysOps Administrator must secure AWS CloudTrail logs. The Security team is concerned that an employee may modify or attempt to delete CloudTrail log files from its Amazon S3 bucket.

Which practices ensure that the log files are available and unaltered? (Choose two.)


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