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1. To run an application, a DevOps Engineer launches an Amazon EC2 instances with public IP addresses in a public subnet. A user data script obtains the application artifacts and installs them on the instances upon launch. A change to the security classification of the application now requires the instances to run with no access to the Internet. While the instances launch successfully and show as healthy, the application does not seem to be installed.

Which of the following should successfully install the application while complying with the new rule?

2. An IT department manages a portfolio with Windows and Linux (Amazon and Red Hat Enterprise Linux) servers both on-premises and on AWS. An audit reveals that there is no process for updating OS and core application patches, and that the servers have inconsistent patch levels.

Which of the following provides the MOST reliable and consistent mechanism for updating and maintaining all servers at the recent OS and core application patch levels?

3. A company is setting up a centralized logging solution on AWS and has several requirements. The company wants its Amazon CloudWatch Logs and VPC Flow logs to come from different sub accounts and to be delivered to a single auditing account.

However, the number of sub accounts keeps changing. The company also needs to index the logs in the auditing account to gather actionable insight.

How should a DevOps Engineer implement the solution to meet all of the company’s requirements?

4. A company wants to use a grid system for a proprietary enterprise in-memory data store on top of AWS. This system can run in multiple server nodes in any Linux-based distribution. The system must be able to reconfigure the entire cluster every time a node is added or removed. When adding or removing nodes, an /etc./cluster/nodes.config file must be updated, listing the IP addresses of the current node members of that cluster The company wants to automate the task of adding new nodes to a cluster.

What can a DevOps Engineer do to meet these requirements?

5. A company has established tagging and configuration standards for its infrastructure resources running on AWS. A DevOps Engineer is developing a design that will provide a near-real-time dashboard of the compliance posture with the ability to highlight violations.

Which approach meets the stated requirements?

6. A production account has a requirement that any Amazon EC2 instance that has been logged into manually must be terminated within 24 hours. All applications in the production account are using Auto Scaling groups with Amazon CloudWatch Logs agent configured.

How can this process be automated?

7. A DevOps Engineer is implementing a mechanism for canary testing an application on AWS. The application was recently modified and went through security, unit, and functional testing. The application needs to be deployed on an AutoScaling group and must use a Classic Load Balancer.

Which design meets the requirement for canary testing?

8. An online retail company based in the United States plans to expand its operations to Europe and Asia in the next six months. Its product currently runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. All data is stored in an Amazon Aurora database instance. When the product is deployed in multiple regions, the company wants a single product catalog across all regions, but for compliance purposes, its customer information and purchases must be kept in each region.

How should the company meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of application changes?

9. A company has several AWS accounts. The accounts are shared and used across multiple teams globally, primarily for Amazon EC2 instances. Each EC2 instance has tags for team, environment, and cost center to ensure accurate cost allocations.

How should a DevOps Engineer help the teams audit their costs and automate infrastructure cost optimization across multiple shared environments and accounts?

10. A company has a hybrid architecture solution in which some legacy systems remain on-premises, while a specific cluster of servers is moved to AWS. The company cannot reconfigure the legacy systems, so the cluster nodes must have a fixed hostname and local IP address for each server that is part of the cluster. The DevOps Engineer must automate the configuration for a six-node cluster with high availability across three Availability Zones (AZs), placing two elastic network interfaces in a specific subnet for each AZ. Each node's hostname and local IP address should remain the same between reboots or instance failures.

Which solution involves the LEAST amount of effort to automate this task?


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