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1. Alibaba Cloud relational database service (RDS) is a stable, reliable and elastic online database service. RDS supports below database types? (Choose three.)

2. A large shopping mall deploys a new video surveillance system. The five-floor building in which the mall is located installed 35 HD cameras to monitor the major exits. The surveillance system is deployed on an ECS instance, which has four 2 TB data disks to store video data.

However, video data grows rapidly and the engineers find that the ECS will run out of storage space within 2 weeks.

In this case,product is thought to be the best solution for addressing the storage challenge while ensuring quick access to historical video data when needed.

3. You are developing a highly available web application using stateless web servers.

Which services are suitable for storing session state data? (Choose two.)

4. In which of the following cases would you need to apply an ICP license? (Choose three.)

5. In mainland China, the approval requirements for business record filing vary depending on provincial communication management bureaus.

6. Which 2 OSS object types can be configured as parameter for object lifecycle management? (Choose two.)

7. When using Alibaba Cloud SLB, you can set different weights for backend ECS instances. The higher the weight of a backend ECS instance, the more load will be assigned to it. If an SLB instance has 5 ECS instances in the backend server pool, all of which are healthy. Among these 5 ECS instances, the weight of ecs_inst1 is set to 100.

Which of the following statements is correct?

8. Server Load Balancer supports protocols like. (Choose four.)

9. RDS for MySQL is a PaaS, which means after creating the RDS instance, the user does not need to take care of the underlying OS, runtime environment of software packages. These would be taken care of by Alibaba Cloud.

10. A company wants to migrate its system to public cloud platform and they choose Alibaba Cloud. The migration process is very important and they want to ensure that everything works right.

Which of the following services can the company choose?


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