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1. Which three tasks could a campaign business practitioner do to view a personalized version of a delivery? (Choose three.)

2. A Business Practitioner is starting delivery for two emails.

Which status and failure type combinations are possible in the Recipient Delivery logs for the two messages?

3. Which two tasks can be performed to reduce the probability of a delivery being blocked or flagged as 'spam' by anti-spam tools? (Choose two.)

4. What type of workflow should be used to update the recipient schema from a weekly text file of mailing

address changes?

5. The entire list of recipients for a campaign is unavailable at the start of an A/B test. The final list of the

recipients will be placed in the final Recipients folder but they will be loaded by the time the A/B test is

complete. To start the A/B test, a list of exclusive recipients is used for the initial deliveries in the folder

test Recipients.

How should the Business Practitioner modify the workflow diagram?

6. An email and direct mail is sent with the below recipient as the target.

Their blacklist is shown below.

Which recipients receive deliveries and by which channel?

7. How would you ensure a delivery is NOT sent to multiple recipients with the same email address?

8. A workflow supervisors group is assigned to a workflow.

In which instance is the workflow supervisors group notified?

9. A query on recipients is added to a workflow. The query needs to be able to obtain the last three transactions for each recipient.

Which method should be used to obtain this result?

10. What are two ways to use seeds in a campaign? (Choose two.)


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