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1. In a Query where the targeting dimension is Recipients, the Practitioner changes the filtering dimension to Transactions and specifies filtering transaction amount. The preview provides a count of 116,361 records.

When the Practitioner executes the Query, the record count is 8,643 records.

What is the likely reason?

2. During an investigation, a business practitioner modifies workflows properties to keep the results of interim

populations between two executions.

What is the purpose of this step? (Choose two.)

3. Which filtering dimension should a Practitioner use to identify responders in a cross-channel campaign?

4. The sent count is less than the upstream population.

What are two reasons for this result? (Choose two.)

5. What is the maximum number of Campaign application servers a single client can connect to at one time?

6. A Business Practitioner has a delivery with two links sent to 100 recipients:

- 80 messages reached the box

- 40 Recipients opened the delivery

- 20 Recipients clicked on at least one link

What was the reactivity?

7. A Practitioner is using the default data model.

When personalizing based on gender, how many versions of the content should the Practitioner create?

8. What is the advantage of using a string delimiter in the extraction file format?

9. Workflow instructions are identical to a previous workflow except the dates.

What course of action should a Campaign Business Practitioner take?

10. A query on recipients is added to a workflow. The query needs to be able to obtain the last three transactions for each recipient.

Which method should be used to obtain this result?


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